Client Company Needs Assessments

We prefer to learn as much as possible about our Client Companies in order to make the best match we possibly can. Our interview with the Client Compan will help the Company better identify its staffing needs, and will ordinarily include our own proprietary Skills & Values Surveys (see below).

Client Companies in need of an Interim Manager also will be highly encouraged to engage in the same on-line Talent & Attitudes Inventory as the Potential Employee undergoes.

Skills & Values Survey

Our Skills & Talent Surveys consist of a mix of actual staffing or real world issues faced by other companies, typical company polices, and other questions designed to asses the Client Company's organizational skills and values.

We ask the Client Company and the Potential Employee nearly identical questions to determine skill level and
values matches. It should be noted that we are not looking for identical answers; there may be times when
contrasting skills and/or values would make a better match. For example, a corporate culture that values
providing quality services over profits may well need a CEO who can help integrate the two.

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