Potential Employee Screening

We thoroughly screen Potential Employees (both Interim Management and Senior Staffing professionals), before offering them as possible matches to the Client Company. Screening includes a) standard reference & background checks, b) a copyrighted on-line talent & skills inventory that’s proved better than 90% reliable after 20 years of use on more than 8,000 individuals, and c) our own proprietary Skills & Values Surveys, which consist of different versions targeted to specific jobs such as CEO, CFO, COO, HR Director, and others.

Unlike some recruiting and staffing agencies, we keep the resumes and screening tools of all Potential Employees on file, and maintain frequent contact with them. Potential Employees who are not currently working are encouraged to attend various Leads Groups, Career Center & Chamber activities, and to get their name in the employment marketplace. Potential Employees who are currently employed are offered similar supports and services but with the recognition that maintaining their complete confidentiality is critical.

Skills & Values Survey

We ask the Client Company and the Potential Employee nearly identical questions to determine skill level and values matches. It should be noted that we are not looking for identical answers; there may be times when contrasting skills and/or values would make a better match. For example, a corporate culture that values providing quality services over profits may well need a CEO who can help integrate the two.


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