Do You Want / Need an Interim Manager or a Consultant?

  1. Is this a position that either has been filled in the past, or could be in the future, by a full-time, on-site person?
  2. Is the person needed to fill a position that is vacant because the previous executive has either left the company or is out on extended leave, or because the owner is preparing for retirement; or is this position being created to test out the need for an executive position?
  3. Is the work performed by this person a critical part of the business’s operations?
  4. Is the person being hired needed specifically because of his/her particular skils, qualifications and experiences? Would the company be uncomfortable if the person subcontracted any or all of the work to a partner or assistants?
  5. Does the company need a highly skilled manager or leader who can integrate numerous functions into one high level job, rather than the duties being piecemealed out to different individuals?
  6. Does this position manage employees?
  7. Must this position be done by someone who is devoting the majority of his/her work-related energies into this particular job?
  8. Is this position one that is routinely a part of the organizational structure of similar companies?
  9. Would you expect to pay this person a regular weekly or biweekly salary, rather than an hourly or project-based reimbursement?
  10. Is this position one that has authority to make decisions within the organization, such as personnel (hiring, terminating, evaluating, disciplining), purchasing (supplies, equipment, advertising), project development (new directions, eliminating under-performing programs), or speaking publicly on behalf of the company?

If you answered Yes to the majority of these questions, then you’re looking for an Interim Manager. If your answers are split between Yeses and Nos, you are not sure what your company needs, and perhaps should engage some help from your team or outside sources in deciding. If your answers are mostly Nos, you’re really looking for a project based Consultant.

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