Distressed & Downsizing Businesses

Red Ink Analysis.

A CEO level consultant provides “Red Ink Analysis” of productivity, staffing levels, vendor contracts, employee benefits, and identifies a variety of cost containment recommendations. The Red Ink Analyst (“RIA”) works intensively with the Company’s executive team over a period that might span 2-6 weeks, using a drill down approach to identify the faulty decision-making and problem-solving that has led to the financial bleeds. The RIA will typically make extensive recommendations which may include discarding long-held but obsolete or unworkable values or practices (e.g. “We will never freeze salaries”), or even a complete reorganization of the Client Company. It is up to the Client Company whether to implement those recommendations or not.

Transition Team.

Our Transition Team is designed to handle critical or disastrous situations: the company is going out of business, a key executive may have died with no succession plan, or there may be some other sudden & extreme event that puts the company in a precarious position. The 3-member Transition Team secures hard assets, proprietary materials & legal documents (inventory, physical plant, client charts, vendor lists, human resource files, and financial records); addresses major issues with vendors and federal/state/local authorities; provides spin control with staff, customers & the media; and helps salvage financial resources.


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